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A Day in the Life of a Big Bears at Sandy Bear’s

As you and your child arrive, key workers will greet you at morning handover and any information is passed on to your child’s key worker by parents. This is a time where you can tell us how they have slept, anything exciting that they have done or have planned, and the general well-being of your child. Each child has their own peg which is at your child’s height which allows independence when getting ready for outside play, getting nappies out, and changing their clothes. 

It is our aim that your child feels happy and secure in our care and also that through observations of their interests, your child can be helped to learn and develop at their own pace and according to their developmental stage. 

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 In the Big Bears room we have a daily routine to ensure a feeling of consistency and security for your child, yet allowing room for both spontaneous and planned activities with your child. 

At Sandy Bears we value the use of natural materials; we have items which have endless of exploring and sensory experiences which will enhance and encourage all areas of development with support from our fabulous staff. 

Sandy Bears find the magic in using everyday materials through play encouraging creativity and imagination. Plastic toys are replaced by ‘real’ resources inspired by a Reggio Emilia Approach; why use plastic fruit when you can explore the real thing? ‘Real’ objects bring understanding of the world and allow children to be exposed to real life experiences. 

Children have endless learning opportunities with natural and real life objects. For example, providing a child with sticks will allow them to develop counting, measuring, mark making, ordering, exploring shape, texture, roleplay food, and lots more!  



 There is a cosy area where children can read books, have group time reading or just relax. Also in this area we often do yoga sessions and meditate which allows children to wind down. 

We have an area which is catered for two year olds, this area has similar resources but it allows the younger children to have a space where they can come and have quieter learning experiences. In this area we also have a sensory room which the children can explore light, shadows and we have a range of resources which stimulate their senses. 

Our home corner encourages children to build their relationships with each other. Children love copying adults so we have made this area as ‘close to home’ as possible so children can experience learning by re-enacting, we have a fish tank which allows the children to take responsibility of feeding them, and generally creates a sense of calmness when they arrive. We have a range of instruments including a new piano which encourages the basis of a new interest and skill for the future. 



 Your child has the opportunity to explore our extensive range of resources, all selected to link to our curriculum the ‘EYFS’ and to give the children a rich experience with us.  

 We have a Maths and Literacy area, this includes, threading, jigsaws, number boats, Numicon, stones with letters and numbers, whiteboards, different mark making tools and much more. We also have a Literacy Box, where children can develop mark making skills in different ways! 

 Our construction area is filled with more real opportunities often including risky play, we encourage children to problem solve and develop physical skills with crates, tyres, planks of different size/strength wood, and also blocks. At the moment the children love making obstacle courses, houses with the blocks, and making trains with the crates!  



 Your child will be able to play outside every day. We deem fresh air to be a vital ingredient for a happy, healthy child. The outdoor area is a great safe and secure space which your child will experience every day. We have a mud kitchen, fairy garden, construction area and pond in our garden. We have 2 bunny rabbits (Bramble & Jasper!) whom the children help to care for whilst they are with us. 

We are always developing our outside space and our Wendy house is regularly changed to different themes depending on the children’s interests, these have included a builders shed, a winter workshop and a bird watching area. 

Sandy Bears Nursery makes good use of its local area for walks around Tattenhall, foraging in the woodland and endless running across the cricket pitch! Big Bears love visiting the Butchers shop and Dog Groomers too.  



 We have a ‘Treehouse’ which brings another level into the room, this is used for all ages and is always supervised by a staff member modelling play. We have tinker trays, maths resources, books, cosy area and a large floor area that we often practice physical play including gymnastics. 

The Treehouse is used for ‘communication time’ where we take a small group to develop their personal, social and emotional skills using various activities and games.  On a Wednesday we have a Spanish session held in the Treehouse creating a quieter atmosphere for their learning. 



 Your child will enjoy a healthy snack mid-morning consisting of fruit and a carbohydrate e.g. Toast, cracker, bread stick etc. At lunch time your child will eat a ‘home cooked’ two course meal similar to our sample menu. Tea is also a freshly prepared two course meal made by our cook on site daily.  

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 If your child needs to take any medication during their time with us, we are able to administer this in accordance with our nursery policies. We will require you to sign a medication form authorising us to do so. All medication must be in its original container and the prescription label must state the name of your child, date etc. 

From time to time your child might hurt themselves. These accidents will be documented on the Famly App, where it is asked for you to acknowledge. Any bumps to the head or facial injuries, we will contact you via a phone call to discuss the nature of the accident. 



 At Sandy Bears you will be signed up to our Famly App. This is a great aid to communication throughout the day, you will get notifications about meals and the amount of food they have eaten, any nappies or toilet trips or accidents (if potty training). It will also allow you to see photos, videos and activities your child has participated in each day and there are options to comment on these. 

This App is brilliant as we are able to track your child’s development and share any milestones they have achieved every week, you are also able to add to any observations and message any queries directly to your child’s keyworker or management team.  


You can download a full prospectus and Big Bears daily routine using the links below.