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A Day in the Life of a Panda Bear at Sandy Bear’s

  As you and your child arrive, key workers will greet you at morning handover and any information is passed on to your child’s key worker by parents. Your child will toddle over to the ‘key worker pegs’ and find their key worker, hanging under the picture of their key worker will be your child's photograph and name. Please encourage your child to search for their own photograph and point out their name, next they must choose a peg they want to use for the day. Coats and bags are hung on the pegs by the door with their name. 

It is our aim that your child feels happy and secure in our care and also that through observations of their interests, your child can be helped to learn and develop at his own pace and according to his developmental stage. Your child has the opportunity to explore our extensive range of resources, all selected to link to our curriculum the ‘EYFS’ and to give the children a rich experience with us. 

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 In the Panda Bears room we have a daily routine to ensure a feeling of consistency and security for your child, yet allowing room for both spontaneous and planned activities with your child. 

The baskets of resources we have available are items which have endless of exploring and sensory experiences which will enhance and encourage all areas of development with support from our fabulous staff. 



  There is a book area for quiet time communication and for one to one or group time reading. 

We have a block and industrial materials area that allows the children to learn about construction developing endless Maths and Science concepts and also allowing them to explore their understanding of the outside world. 

This area encourages teamwork as they attempt to handle and manoeuvre the large wooden blocks and textured objects.  



We have a heuristic area with loose parts, enclosing boxes, textured paper, threading materials and much more which children can access and staff can support in their learning in these areas. 

We have a home corner, which the children use to build their relationships with each other and secure their experience learning by re-enacting. 

We also have a craft area to explore messy play and all things crafty alongside incorporating their mark making, literacy, maths and artistic skills to create mini masterpieces! 



 Your child will be able to play outside every day. We deem fresh air to be a vital ingredient for a happy, healthy child. The outdoor area is a great safe and secure space which your child will experience every day. We have a mud kitchen, musical wall, construction resources and lots of cosy areas too. We have a large Forest Garden including an area for planting and our own bug hotel to explore! 

Sandy Bears Nursery makes good use of its local area for walks around Cholmondeley, from foraging in the woodland and endless running across the open fields to visiting our local farm shop right here on site, your child will get a full understanding and complete exploration of the area.  



 At Sandy Bear’s we believe that singing is an important first step to talking and communicating. Every day your child will be involved in a singing/musical session, there are several different musical instruments that your children can explore on their own and these are often used in our musical sessions too. 

Makaton is introduced as early as possible to the children. Different signs can be seen displayed around the room to help with recognition at home. Even with older children who have brilliant speech Makaton can develop communication and aid understanding. If you wish to learn more about this form of communication please feel free to ask a member of staff.  



 Your child will enjoy a healthy snack mid-morning consisting of fruit and a carbohydrate eg. Toast, cracker, breadstick etc. At lunch time your child will eat a ‘home cooked’ two course meal similar to our sample menu (attached at the back of this pack). Tea is also a freshly prepared two course meal made by our cook on site daily.  

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If your child needs to take any medication during their time with us, we are able to administer this in accordance with our nursery policies. We will require you to sign a medication form authorising us to do so. All medication must be in its original container and the prescription label must state the name of your child, date etc. 

From time to time your child might hurt themself. Any minor bumps or scrapes will be recorded on an accident report form on the Famly app. You will be called or an answerphone message will be left if your child has had a minor head bump. More serious accidents will be treated in accordance with our nursery policy and you will be informed immediately. 



 Throughout the day you will be able to access the Famly app which updates important parts of your child’s day, including sleep times, nappy changes and what your child has been engaging in. Please feel free to message at any time things we may need to know or just to check your little bear is ok. After an exchange of information at pick up time, you will be able to collect your child’s belongings and a member of staff will sign your child out before heading home. 


You can download a full prospectus and Panda Bears daily routine using the links below.